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Surely German must have a spare word for when you start cooking and realise you don't have an onion (and have to go to the shop where they only sell them in threes because you can't be arsed to go to a bigger supermarket for one item and you'll never get through all of those on your own)?

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Where does the time go?

I've had a four day weekend with very few committments and yet all I have managed to do is go shopping on Friday (bought noting of note), take the cat to the vets (she's fine) and clear out my cutlery drawer (I now have very few forks).

I have nothing to show for my time!

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I haven't seen any unicorns lately...

I have just stabbed my hand with a steak knife. There's a visible slice into the flesh but curiously, there is absolutely no blood.

Does this mean I am a robot?


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Myers-Briggs Again

Bogwitch's Personality Type Results

View My Personality Type Results

INTP — The "Engineer" 2.5% of Population
INTP Engineers are easygoing yet private. They are logical and enjoy analyzing complex problems. They thrive on the theoretical and like to figure out how things work. They do not like rigid rules and often do not abide by them. They are independent intellectuals.

Famous INTP's: Abraham Lincoln, Meryl Streep, Carl Jung, John Quincy Adams
Fictional INTP's: Ash (Alien), Data (Star Trek), Dr. Susan Lewis (ER)
INTP Career Matches: Technical Writer, Computer Animator, Engineer, Inventor, Researcher

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My Random Post

Some random things:

  • I have given in and accepted I need glasses. More worrying was that I needed them for distance and reading. Pooh. But the plus side is that maybe I can read books again!

  • I nearly went on holiday. Not in a Withnail and I way thogh.

  • I got rid of most of my debt! No more credit card albatross.

  • Best news of the day: new album by Goat due in the autumn. Squee! Goat where the pychedelic sound of my 2013 summer.

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If you haven't already, please pop over to sb_fag_ends and vote in the poll. We have a three way tie and we can't have no poll for three months, what would the fun in that be? :D


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Film Meme

I am twiddling my thumbs a bit as I had the morning off for a visit from the surveyor for my remortgage (i.e. boring adult stuff, zzzz!) so now he's been I shall do this meme everyone is doing!

Everyone should post their ten most CRUCIAL CRUCIAL CRUCIAL films, like the films that explain everything about yourselves in your current incarnations (not necessarily your ten favourite films but the ten films that you, as a person existing currently, feel would help people get to know you) (they can change later on obviously).

There are 11 because I couldn't decide what to omit. I think they are a fair representation of most of my favourite films anyway.

1. Lord of the Rings (all three) + The Hobbit (all um 2 as yet) Completism is everything.
2. Scott Pilgrim Versus the World
3. Shaun of the Dead
4. Run Lola Run!
5. Hero (not for message so much as for the look)
6. Masque of the Red Death
7.The Crow
8. Heathers
9. Son of Rambow
10. Kung Fu Panda
11. Strange Days

I would say that I have have no idea what these say about me, but that would be a whopping great lie. :D

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Copyright Infringement

Part Three of the Black Widow Photo comic has been removed by Box for 'Copyright Infringement' with no explanation of why and with no way of questioning it.

Why Part 3???????

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Isn't that sweet of them?

Google gives you a personalised birthday doodle! I suppose everyone already knew that but it surprised me!

In less good news, guess what else has a birthday today? My WIP! Working My Way Back to You is 10!!!!!!!!

I will finish it, I will!

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Hazelnut milk

So I got carried away in the supermarket and bought some hazelnut milk.

Any ideas what I could use it for? (not keen on it straight, I pretty much forgot I don't like hazelnuts when they aren't in chocolate)

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Thanks to my anonymous benefactor too to the choccy bear! Mmm.

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The Bogwitch Creative Review of 2013

Happy New Year!

Oh oh dear. This will be very short.


Enjoy the Silence (Spike/Buffy)
3D or Me (Spike/Buffy)


Love Came Down at Christmas (Spike/Buffy)

That's it, even though I seem to have been doing loads, it's all been sb_fag_ends banners or a billion and one sketches of magical ingredients. Plus agonising over the lack of progress with Working,

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Wallpaper: Love Came Down at Christmas (Spike/Buffy)

Another one for the archive so that I will have something to put on my end of year review. :S

For the prompt "Love Came Down at Christmas", I converted the sb_fag_ends Christmas Day calendar image for anyone that might like it as a wallpaper:


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Fic: Enjoy the Silence (Spike/Buffy)

I should have posted this little sb_fag_ends prompt fic here ages ago:

Title: Enjoy the Silence
Author: Bogwitch
Word Count: 221
Rating: Teen
Pairing: Spike/Buffy
Spoilers: Post-Series sometime, but denying the comics existence as usual.
Summary: A comfortable silence
Authors Note: written for the prompt Graveyard Dirt, from the SB Fag Ends Halloween Challenge 2013

The silence was surprisingly… comfortable for them.

That was a good word for the amiable, post-coital glow Buffy felt. She stretched out against Spike’s lean, hard body and tucked her head into the crook of his arm. No words were necessary this time and even Spike didn’t seem to want to ruin their reunion with chatter. She was happy for once, and if the slightly smug grin Spike was currently pressing against the crown of her head was anything to go by, so was he.

She stroked a lazy palm affectionately across his stomach, tracing the lines of his familiar six-pack of muscles with her fingers as she ran her calf over his, relishing in the new connection, the skin to skin touch. If she had ever thought they would reach this perfect place after she’d pushed her way out of her coffin through the graveyard dirt, she might not have given him such a hard time the first time around. Maybe. Perhaps.

But that was then and it was too late now for regrets. This was their bed, their love, their moment. They had all the time in the world tonight to be together, to be them. She could take a minute or two to enjoy the silence that lay between them.

It just felt right.


At long last.


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I'm not dead either!

Just wanted to point that out. :)